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Disclaimer: The data shown comes directly from the used sensors. We do not guarantee of their correctness. Details

× The data collected are not manipulated in any way. We do not guarantee of their correctness. The MOEPP sensor data are stored as received from their service, while the CityPulse devices depend on the correctness of the used sensors: Nova PM SDS011/SDS021, DHT22 and Grove Sound sensor. Please refer to their data sheets for details.

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Participate and help your city network grow!

If you live in the areas covered by TTN and you want to own a pulse.eco sensor at your home, or maybe wish to make one yourself and connect it via WiFi, then contact your city community leader today.


One of the main project features is to make the data available to everyone. Feel free to use our API and gather the data for the development of your own applications.


Are you a creative and innovative individual? Become a contributor to our team. It would be our pleasure to review your ideas for the improvement of our project.